Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Steel beam delivery!

Well today was one of the most exciting days on the build...

...the big steel beam was delivered, and a crane came to put it in place!

WARNING: The following video lasts about 5 1/2 minutes... it WAS over 20 minutes filming, but I'm sure people wouldn't sit through all that! Also YOUTUBE compression takes a lot of the picture quality out!

Listen out for Rydian - 1:53 and about 2:20 into the film - he's such a loudmouth!

Amazing eh!?

Here are a couple of photos showing after the crane had left.

..and another one showing the recent brickwork and small steel lintels above windows etc.

We have to keep pinching ourselves to remind us that we are still only 3.5 weeks into the build!


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Don said...

That's a well-built house! I guess your home is your castle, as it will last as long as Buckingham. It must feel good to have that phase of construction out of the way.