Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Attack of the killer birds!

The last few days I've been finding eggs with holes in and eaten. We've seen a few big black birds swooping down, maybe a Magpie, but didn't really take much notice.

Yesterday I went to collect the eggs - usually 7-9 a day we get....only to find 4 eggs - and one of those was broken!

So today I went to the garden centre and bought 20M of this black netting, 6m wide. I'm not sure if it IS the birds that are attacking the eggs, but at least with the netting over the chicken run we'll find out for sure.

It's only going to be there temporarily, as I intend to completely enclose the runs after I have renovated the old coop.

Hopefully it IS the birds and not a rodent of some sort - as they are hard to stop.

1 comment:

Don said...

I hope you solve your case of the missing and broken eggs. With us chicken farmers, it is always something!