Friday, 16 May 2008

Moving along nicely.

Well, it's been a little while since I posted anything...mainly because I've been so ill, what with yet another mystery illness taking over, and breaking half my molar tooth off! (dentist today - what fun!) don't worry - I won't post a piccy of it!!!

I thought I'd show some of the building work going on - more has been done since these pictures were taken, I'll take some more at the weekend to show the progress.

This was the sight that greeted me when I popped in the side door to have a nosey at the builders work the other day! The entire garage roof has been removed, it's actually a brilliant view, but I guess the rain would ruin it somewhat.

The internal walls across the back have mostly been taken down now, along with the chimney (and fireplace-which I demolished and saved the cast iron fireplace from it). There is a big steel beam going across the front room gap now, and we are all very excited about the next steel going in - it will stretch across ALL the length of the house, and will be put in place by a crane next week - I will try to film it if I get a chance!

This is the view across the back - the wooden frames marking the spaces to be left by the bricklayers for the sliding glass doors. Again, there has been more walls put up, but I need to take some more photos this weekend.

I WAS going to make this a long post, but unfortunately I'm in too much pain to concentrate that much today - lets hope the dentist can help me out today - otherwise I'll be climbing the walls until he does!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Can't wait....and we're only on week 3! Great photos.

Don said...

I am amazed at the huge project you and Jo are undertaking! Where are you living during this renovation? You must be excited about the big changes taking place, but at the same time wondering how you will ever get through this! I hope your health improves. Quit chewing on those iron beams.

Stiggy said...

I already feel so much better now the tooth has been removed Don - I was skipping oround the house this morning like a mad man!

Yep - it's a biggy all right! We're living in our house we've lived in for 6/8 years, it's at the other end of the village. Soon as we move in we can sell this house.

Math Campbell said...

Hope all's going well Stiggy!!
Look's like you'll be selling right at the peak of the housing boom. Better make it quick!

How's that game thing you bought on eBay working?