Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Memories relived and revived.

17 (ish) years ago I bought a CB750 chop... 15 years ago the cam sprocket came loose, damaging 8 of the 16 valves and seizing the engine.

Recently I bought a working cylinder head off  a well known auction site for £110, which, is amazingly cheap as it comes with everything I need to get the old thing going again (hopefully!)

I've removed the head and block and discovered the cam chain had pinched itself down by the main drive. This I rectified and now it's just(!) a case of cleaning, smoothing, polishing and then putting everything back!

Here's a photo of it in action...

...and here's a pic of it with seat, carbs most wiring and head off...

More pics and news on the revival of this old monster to come!


Lottie said...

Is the old monster you? your blog? or the bike? LOL

Nice to see your and your blog and your bike ressurected!

My eldest is motorbike mad - he has three - one of which is totally a one off hand made bike - can't remember the others - but they make me drool just looking at them

Stiggy said...

Thanks Lottie!

The monster is my old bike - I have a new post to do actually about it.

Thanks for popping by - you're my top commenter you know!


x x

Dave said...

You need ot post more Davey-boy! Give us all something to comment about... ;)