Saturday, 21 September 2013


No, not a real one!

Can you see it?


Frugal Mum said...

Yayy, I see it. I am a little dick and chicken obsessed myself today, we just took delivery of our hens, we are first time chicken keepers :))

Stiggy said...

Lucky you! ;)

I would recommend handling them as much as possible so they like spending time in your company. It makes them so much nicer!

I hope to get some more chicks next year and rear them myself as they are soooo cute and lovely when they're young!


Lottie said...

I can see a duck at the bottom, and chicken sitting down to the right above it - then above the a swan's neck and beak with a tiny bit of his back/body as though he is just emerging from a dive!

Frugal Mum said...

Thanks Stiggy, we have left them alone today, been potting in the garden and while they settle,had a little hold too, I am hooked already