Monday, 20 December 2010

Santa visits Kingston Pre-school!

You'd never guess who came to town on Friday...

...only Santa!

Admittedly, I had some insight seeing as it was ME!

Last year I was asked if I was able to be Santa for the local Pre-school. It was something I jumped at, as I love kids and the pre-school is a fantastic place, in which Kane had a great few years at.

The problem was, that last year it snowed very heavily, so much in fact the pre-school was closed and my services were no longer needed, so instead of getting dressed up and seeing the kids... I dressed up and walked about in the snow in our garden and fed the chickens!

There are some photos of last years outfit here.

I said goodbye to Jo after getting changed, and off I set to the pre-school.

Santa de-icing the windows.

A surprised looking Santa!

One can only blame the mince pies!

When I arrived I gently knocked on the door and Claire, the lady in charge, gave me one minute while she got the kids sitting down and quiet - then it was my grand entrance. I rang a set of sleigh bells outside the door and Claire asked the children if they could here anything - I was amazed at how many kids shouted out;


So with the door now open I walked in and did my "HO HO HO!". Claire guided me to a chair and the kids sat in front, looking up at me with excited eyes, and big grins.

Luckily, I happen to know some of the kids as their older siblings go to Kane's school - and it was amazing to see their little faces light up when I spoke to them by name and gave them a present wrapped and given by their parents to the pre-school previously.

One of the highlights was a little tiny speck of a girl who came up to me and said;

"I put a carrot out for your reindeer last year"

to which I replied;

"yes I know, and it gave my reindeer extra power so I was able to put all the children's' presents under the trees"

She went away grinning from ear to ear!

It was time to go once I had given out all the presents, and I was thanked by one parent who was holding a tiny baby dressed in red, with a Santa hat on - so cute! (I did remember to ask him if he'd been a good boy this year!)

It was a great experience, and you know what was the icing on the cake?

..... I've already been booked in for next years event as well!!


Sharonmanc said...

How fantastic

Lottie said...

Awesome - what a rewarding experience - but couldn't you have arranged for a little dusting of snow - we have far too much here.


Stiggy said...

You're too kind Sharon! :D

Oh it HAS snowed a lot down here Lottie, not on that day though which was a shame, but never mind!

Thanks for commenting ladies!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...


I'm glad it took place this year after last years 'white out'. were made for the job of being Santa :0)

Stiggy said...

Thanks wifey, I did enjoy being Santa immensely!


Carol said...

Great job, Dave! You made all those children SO happy. Bet it made you feel good inside. Maybe Santa should tell the children to leave a bit of cheese & crackers and WINE for ole Santa.......tee hee....keep him warm on his travels..........

Stiggy said...

Cheese cracker and wine as well as mince pies carrots and beer!?

Carol, I'm liking your style!


Merry Christmas!

FishHawk said...

"One man, his chicken, life...and everything in between" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope you like the image I featured, and I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

Stiggy said...

Hi FishHawk, I have left a comment on your blog as well.

Thanks again!