Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A day to relax!

Since recently Jo and I have been working hard, what with both kids being on holiday, and working at the other house, I decided this morning that today would be totally different.

I gave Jo three options. to go to Chichester or Arundel, to go to some place of her choosing, or to go to Hobbycraft in Crawley. Jo chose the latter, so once the kids were off at school, and we'd had our cup of tea, we set off to see what the store was like.

The store itself was on two floors - much bigger than any other craft shop I'd seen (not that I'd seen many before) and luckily there was a PC World shop nearby, so I decided after bravely going inside the craft shop that I would prefer to spend my time drooling at wonderful electronic gadgets, software and books!

I managed to find a great mouse for my gaming, which is programmable, and is SO much faster than my other mouse, I almost have trouble keeping up with it - or seeing where my arrow on the screen is!

It is the 'Deathadder' mouse, from Razer, and it is AWESOME!

I also bought a Roxio VHS to DVD set, which will enable me to sort out my old video tapes of things like our wedding, and dating back to some of my old gigs I played.

After spending as much time as I could possibly muster in PC World, I thought I'd better go and see how Jo was getting on - and if she needed a hand with the multiple trolleys of stick on's she was going to buy( only joking Jo - please don't kill me!).

As it turned out she was still on the ground floor - so like the dutiful husband I am, I bravely walked around the shop trying to be as interested in everything as I possibly could!

Once Jo had bought some rather interesting little items, and some presents for some kids, we paid for the stuff and left the shop - after being directed to a 'local' pub by the man behind the desk. (The directions took about 5 minutes to listen too - and I forgot what he said after the second turning to be honest!)

We drove sort of homish, sort of going the way the man had said, until we eventually - and by massive stroke of luck - found the place!

The place in question was the Dukes Head in Crawley.

If you go to the website you can see the sort of things they do, but we were greeted in a very friendly manner by our waitress, who gave us a choice of tables.

I'm afraid I went for the unadventurous burger and chips option, and Jo went for a pasta with spicy sausage meal. They were both delicious, and we certainly would go there again!

Once we had finished, we made our way home to play with what we had bought.

What a great way to relax and enjoy each others company!

We had a delightful lunch, Jo was great company, and we decided to try to go out more - even just for a couple of hours now and then.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

It was a smashing day...

craft shopping, fab food, and great company.


So where are we off to tomorrow then ;0)

alcoholinky said...

now that sounds like my kinda day! glad to hear you two had a chance to have a bit of time to yourselves doing what you enjoy. Found a gaming shop in Cyprus while we were on holiday (what else would we be doing!LOL) which had all the Razer gear - what brilliant names their stuff has.

Chris said...

Sounds like a great day out. It seems that once you have kids you forget you're a couple. Hope you get to do it again soon.

Now, I need to find a craft shop that's near a golf shop.....

Goat Creek Grandma said...

What a wonderful day! I would love to have a craft store like that over here. DH could just drop me off and come back in a few hours and I would be happy. We actually had a similar day on Monday. A day of shopping and my favorite restaurant. Jo and I are lucky to have two great guys!

Take Care,

Stiggy said...

Thank you all for your comments ladies!

Jo - anytime! x

Carole - glad to see you know what I'm talking about with the Razer stuff!

Chris - I suggest you get your other half researching asap!

Debbie - sometimes it's just nice to step back, relax and do something that you don't usually do!


Don said...

One of these days, Ruth and I need to get over there and go to that pub with you!

Sounds like you two need to get out more.

Math Campbell said...

Was reading your backlog and saw the bit about DeathAdder…
Bought one earlier this year myself, and I have to agree, they are awesome, not only for games but for graphics too!!

How are you finding it almost two months on?

Stiggy said...

Has it really been 2 months!?!?

Yep it's awesome - got all my buttons on my fave online game on that plus the Belkin n52te, and all are great!

By the way - where the eck are you? Coming back sometime?

Stiggy said...

Don - if you ever come over to Blighty and you come near us it'd be great to meet you guys properly!


Math Campbell said...

Alas, the business thing is taking a lot of time at the mo. Angel's also gone back to college so she very rarely plays games...