Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A busy day!

Yesterday I set about working in our paddock cutting the grass, trimming trees and hedges galore.

Luckily, one of my ladies was there to make the final inspection on my little tractor/mower to make sure everything was safe and in good working order.

Hmmmm.... too many leaves on the footplates...

...the seat seems the right height...

...yep - that's the right height for cutting grass...

...and everything looks ok down here too!

After she was satisfied the everything was to her high standards, she hopped off and let me continue.

Spider engineering

I find Spiders fascinating - horrible - but fascinating. How they spin that brilliant web, with such engineering skill is just so fantastic.

I managed to find a nice one, and took a couple of shots to show both sides of the little thing.

I didn't realise he was having a little snack untill i went to his underside - and couldn't help stay watching him for a while.

Tree tidy

I also cleared some growth around the bottom of this tree, cutting back brambles and removing low branches.

Then I removed a few dead branches, and almost dead branches from this tree. There was a low hanging, long branch on the right of the tree as you look at this photo, which I removed as it wasn't too healthy, and was starting to foul in the nearby apple tree.

Then lastly yesterday, I trimmed approx 60M of hedge, side and top (although I haven't taken a photo of the finished hedge) and so all I need to do now is the part of the hedge on the roadside.


...and during...

Because the hedge has grown so high (approx 9 or 10 foot) I had to stand on the seat of the tractor - even with my mighty KM90's long reach and bendiness, I just needed that extra length to get to the top of the hedge!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

I love the pics of your girl checking out the lawn tractor. I do so miss having our girls running around the yard. With luck I will get the shed cleaned out and fixed up so I can have some girls in the spring.

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your place. It looks like a beautiful homestead.

Take Care,

Stiggy said...

Thanks Debbie! We had a patch where we couldn't let them out because of the local fox - but since a fox was run over by a car about 3 months ago, we've been quite ok letting them out (touch wood!).

You'll have to show us your shed too!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

The tractor in the last photo looks like a toy one as the hedge has grown so big now.

Great pics. :0)

Stiggy said...

Indeed it does Dear...

...I'll get round to cutting the roadside side some point this coming week or Sunday I think.


Don said...

Aren't chickens a hoot? I have one that gets out of the fenced in area every day and then needs me to put her back in for the night. I can't tell if she needs attention, or if she is really that dumb...

Your hedge is huge! But it sure looks nice, even with the mohawkish look! ;)

Stiggy said...

Cheers Don!

Yes we had a small hole in the mesh that covers our coops (to stop blackbirds eating the eggs) and every morning I too found a lone cicken wandering about the place - soon fixed that!

....and you know, I STILL haven't got round to trimming the roadside part of the hedge!