Saturday, 23 August 2008

I got it covered.


It's weird how time is recently - I went down the new place to do some work and to let the ladies out only to find NO Builders!!!

After a frantic phone call to report this fact to Jo, I was reliably informed that it was in fact, Saturday!

I had to think about this for a moment before having to accept that it was indeed Saturday.


Anyhoo, I had to finish the shed roof this morning, put a tie across the mid rafter and sort out the position and fastening of the electric cable. This afternoon I plan to put some more recycled doors around the frame.

The ladies.

The ladies seem very happy at the moment, maybe it's because I've been giving them some supplements in their water, and have been puffing mite powder all around the coops and in the corners (where they live).

One of the chickens that we rescued looked awful a couple of weeks ago - she is right down the bottom of the pecking order, and she had lost a lot of feathers - probably due to stress of moving house (Jo and I know all about THAT!).

Now she has grown back pretty much all her feathers, and is wonderful light brown colour - much lighter than the other hens.


Ruth said...

You sound like a Dr. Doolittle for your ladies, that's so great. They're benefitting from your care!

Thanks for coming over and saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don made sure I had a fun day - week actually.

Thank you for your very nice comment about my photos too. It's fun to have our own ladies and gents to photograph. They're so darned photogenic!

Stiggy said...

You're very welcome Ruth!

I do pop over now and then to see your photos and have a quick sneak at your blog.