Saturday, 23 August 2008

Good afternoon!

I went back down the new place after lunch, and set about putting some serious effort into the shed.

I'd like to go down there tomorrow to hang the double doors, that is, if it stops raining for a bit!

However it was a glorious sunny day today, and I was able to do quite a bit.

First off I finished fixing the roof sections, then I put some doors on the side of the frame, and managed to find even MORE timber from the rubbish skip out front to fill in the front 2 panels.

Now all that needs to be done is to buy some featheredge board (thin triangular timber) to clad the shed with and hang the doors!

Oh yes, changing the subject somewhat - here is a photo of the lady that lost all her feathers.

Sorry about the photos recently, but I've been using my phone...

...I'm looking forward to my new camera coming through the post early next week - a Nikon D40 Digital SLR!

I shall be going over to my friend Dons wifes' Blog to check out how to REALLY take photographs!



Don said...

The shed is really taking shape! I still think you are working up to a barn.

The siding will really bring it all together. Keep at it! You need to finish before the snow flies! Wait, do you even get snow??

Stiggy said...

Thanks Don. Yes we get snow, check out April 6th post - entitled Winter Wonderland!

I will probably buy the siding (I imagine we call the same thing 'cladding' over here) this coming week - as I set myself the 6 week holiday to finish it and start moving things from our garage here - to there.

But you know how it is - I've been so busy with the kids, and trying to source things for the house, neither myself or Jo have had much time to even leave our house!

It's taken a lot longer than I thought, but at least it's almost finished.

I just need to put the roofing felt on, clad the sides and it's done!


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

You've worked really hard building this... and all being mostly recycled too. Brilliant. Looks like a proper shed again now :0)

Connie said...

Your shed is really coming together Stiggy! Your new hen looks lovely now that she has her feathers back.
I am sorry to hear about Polly. did you have to do it yourself? (yuck)
I get to go home in 3 weeks and then hopefully i will find the time to post more. I'll have to send you some pictures of our wild free roaming chickens!...and me, mowing the property!