Thursday, 24 January 2013

Not all fun and games!

Well I don't seem to be able to do anything but work and sleep at the moment.

What with the snow and bad weather recently, it's not been easy at work in the yard. The timber is frozen together and it seems I spend a large proportion of my time breaking apart packs and lengths of wood!

I went out last Friday on some deliveries and, even though it started to snow, I thought I'd be ok but unfortunately the weather was getting worse and the roads were quite bad.

Now, a lot of our deliveries are to farms and places in the country - you can see from the photo above that the quiet lanes aren't gritted at all!

Luckily most of my journeys on Friday were off main roads, but even they were a nightmare as you can see from the photo below! This was just the start of it.

Below is a shot of the first congestion I encountered - not as major as it looks but still took me an hour to do something like 5 miles.

After all the deliveries were completed it was time to go home... this was to be a major problem as by now the snow was falling heavily and traffic was crawling along like a snail!

You can see above the tailback on the A27... in fact the congestion started waaaaaay before the slip road. It took me an hour and 40 minutes to drive 29 miles.

I had a phone call from my boss at 1:30pm telling me that he'd sent everyone else home and he was waiting for me - I actually got back to work at 2:40pm.

PHEW! What a day THAT was - it's been a lot better on the roads as the councils have been gritting well, but unlucky for me they don't come to our yard and separate the bits of wood!



Lottie said...

Thank goodness you got home safely.

We haven't been able to drive anywhere since last Tuesday - we had 9 inches of snow. We live at the end of a cul de sac and now the snow is like and ice rink. We only had a couple of vans try to turn around and they were sliding and skating' all over the place. And more snow tomorrow.

Thank heavens for freezers - with home grown veggies in them - at least we son't starve!

Keep safe

Stiggy said...

Thanks Lottie, nice of you to pop in! :D X

Good job for you and your freezer - knowing you - you'll have all sorts of homemade things floating around!

We've got sun and rain coming this weekend - so hopefully you'll be able to get out and stretch your legs.

By the way - how are your eyes now - all sorted?