Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Year - new start.

It's been a while, but already I'm probably blogging more than last year!

I left my last job at the sword place as I finished what I was doing for them. So now I'm looking for a job, anything would do really, as long as I pay the bills and feed my family I'd be happy. I've been sending off application after application this last month or so, got one interview for a job that didn't exist but at least I have my foot through the door at that company now. :D

We went on Holiday to Florida recently to Disney World which was amazing on so many levels! This was our first holiday in something like 8 years and Kane's first proper holiday ever!

The photograph at the top of this post is one of Kane and I at Epcot on the Aqua Seas Tour. Jo bought this for our Birthday treat. This was proper scuba diving but without weights, so we swam around on the surface looking at all the sharks, turtles and fish below. I loved the man made coral reef and the fish swimming around and through it - the colours were incredibly vivid.
     The best thing about this (apart from doing it in the first place, with Kane of course) was the fact that Jo had also bought us both prescription masks, so I was able to see underwater for the first time in 30 years!! - THANKS JO!

We met some great people like Terry who was from Buffalo, NY. He was a construction worker who had driven massive dumpers and wanted to run a fishing charter boat at Niagara Falls. Not heard back from him, but he was a breath of fresh air in Disney, and we had a lot in common.

We also met Wayne Moore, who was an ordinary cast member at Animal Kingdom Lodge but because of his incredible passion for Disney trading pins he was given a new role. He is now King Pin, who is available every day at 3pm at AKL to trade pins - Kane got some really cool pins from him, and a couple of very special ones too!

It was a great trip, the flight over wasn't too bad, and the flight back was ok too - it's always a drag, but I was sat next to a tech journalist who lent me his Kindle and introduced me to a series of books I will read one day. Not only that, but we had some great chats about online gaming and other 'stuff'.

Hopefully sometime soon I'll get a job, but until then I've been working at home on the garden and chickens a little.

I hope you'll keep reading as I will post separate posts on what I'm doing here - and a run through of our holiday.


Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Great photo of you both. What a brilliant holiday it was.

Dave said...

But you didnt take time out to come a little farther north and see us... :(

Just kidding Stiggy, I'm glad you guys had such a good vacation!

Stiggy said...

Thanks sweetie! :D

Sorry we didn't do it this time Dave - one day I'd like to come visit though. :D