Monday, 12 October 2009

Small but beautiful!

There's always a lot of fuss over large vegetables. Large vegetables get their own tables at their own shows, but how many times do we think of small vegetables, and how great they are!?

We've had a lot of success with our tomatoes this year, they've produced most the year, and show no signs of slowing down.

I wanted to share todays pick of items that I collected this morning.

First we have the tiny tomatoes, probably only about 10mm (or 3/8") in diameter.

Then secondly, I thought I'd show you an egg from one of our Silkies. They are always small and white, but perfectly formed little wonders.

So next time you go shopping, or pick your produce from your garden, spare a thought for the little things!


The Barefaced Poet said...

small always tastes sweeter too :0) Bantie eggs are great for coddling, yum!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I am so jealous of your tomatoes and fresh eggs! Our garden this year didn't do as well as we would of liked. I did get one nice size watermelon that we just picked Friday. We haven't cut into it yet.

I miss not having chickens but hopefully this spring. If the rain would stop long enough to clean out the shed we plan to use and we can evict the resident who is living in there now, all would be great.

Take Care,

alcoholinky said...

we've grown monster tomatoes this year for a change and they taste gorgeous too. those little eggs are so cute!

Stiggy said...

Thanks BFP - I quite agree! :)

Sorry to hear about your lack of success with your veggies, maybe next year eh!?

Yes, I think some of us have been lucky Carol - I know Zak and Jo love them (I'm not a great Tomato eater) it's strange how the smell of homegrown tomatoes brings back so many memories of my childhood!


Thanks ladies!

Don said...

The color of the tomatoes is so intense! I'll bet they were full of flavor. Are you able to use your home-grown fertilizer in your veg patch?

I need to get back into the blog world!

Stiggy said...

Well Don, I used the chicken manure that we have - from our compost 'area'. It's a plot about 15 ft square where I dump all the grass cuttings, and a couple of 3ft square bays where I put all the chicken manure.

The ladies do their part and scratch it all together making a lovely fine and dark soil - just perfect for anything but root vegetables! (it's too rich for root vegetables and forks the tubers).

I can't wait til you get back mate - you've been missed by your absence.


thegardensmallholder said...

Ahhhhh *sigh* for me, nothing beats walking out my back door and picking my own veg or collecting fresh warm eggs, no matter what size they are it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling!
Love the photos :)

Stiggy said...

I know what you mean Karen - only without the warm fuzzy feeling ;) (but then I am a bloke I suppose!)

Thanks about my photos - I really should put some more on here - but still busy with our other house at the mo.