Friday, 12 June 2009

Another loss today.

I thought it was sad the other day when Cherie died, but it seems she may not have just 'died' as such.

I was standing in the school playground, chatting to a couple of the dads I know, when my mobile phone rang. Jo was on the phone telling me that a fox had attacked the chickens and one of the hens had been got, so I rushed in to get Kane from school. Luckily it was home time, so I asked Kane's teacher if I could take him right away.

We rushed home to find Jo in the paddock, she told me that she heard some racket, and rushed outside to see what the matter was. Jo saw the fox attacking one of the hybrid hens - the brown ones - and told me that Rhydian had stood up for the girls, clucking and flapping his wings at the fox!

Jo herded the chickens under the big fir tree, and protect them until the fox ran away.

Unfortunately, Jo told me that when she got to the hen that was attacked, she picked her up and she was breathing very fast, then she lay her head on Jo's arm and closed her eyes. Then she was gone.

From now on, I will only let my 'ladies' free range when I'm there to protect them. It's a shame as it's lovely to know they're enjoying themselves without my watchful eye.

I guess it's just the country way.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your foxy visitor. Unfortunately, a fox knows about your chickens, s/he will be back again and again until the supply is gone.

I keep my girls behind electric netting and I know of at least two occasions when a fox has tried to get through - but failed. It's an expensive way to keep your hens safe but in my experience, totally worth it.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

I'm sorry to hear about losing another of your girls. Unfortunately its the way of nature. I know when we had our girls I would be nervous when they would take off into the woods. Luckily mine were spoiled and all I had to do was hollar 'here chicky chicky' and they would come running for scraps.

Take Care,

Jo Capper-Sandon said...


Was sad....poor ol' chickens.

Stiggy said...

Thanks BMS - we have a run that is totally fenced in, with netting over the top of the 6 foot chicken wire, but our paddock only has a 4' fence round it, so the fox can pop in whenever he likes!

Thanks again Debbie - we're slowly getting used to country life, I've caught and killed a few rabbits recently as we've got a plague of them digging up everything!

Jo - you did a great job protecting the chickens, and I'm sure the hen died peacefully in your arms

Lottie said...

Oh the rotter - how sad - thank goodness Jo was around to guard them.

hope that is the last one you lose to a fox.

Don said...

Yoiks! I think it's time you got a horse and one of those red outfits, and the horn. Maybe you can get all of that in trade for your motorcycle?

Enough with the levity, I have lost a couple of chickens to various things and can feel your pain. Having a fox take one of yours is a little nerve wracking as he/she may have you on his/her hunting route. Time to get a compound bow?

Your place is looking really beautiful!

Stiggy said...

Thanks Lottie, but I doubt it - there are two that come round us - an old scraggy one and a younger smaller one.

Cheers Don - nice to know I can always rely on you to make me smile! ;)

I've been looking at various methods to combat the foxes, but unfortunately the laws in this country would only let me use a rubber band or something equally undangerous!

I'm now looking at platform traps. ;)

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this Stiggy and Jo xx

Stiggy said...

Thanks Karen.


The mad chook woman said...

Poor chook. It's foxes with cubs that are the major menace. Lets hope they move on now.

Re said...

Sometimes they die of shock, and sometimes it isn't the hen who the fox caught who dies. I only let my girls free range when I'm in the garden as I see danger around every corner.