Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What a sod!

No - I'm not swearing at anyone - I'm just describing what sort of job I did yesterday!

Now, you may remember I worked very hard at lifting the old turf off our back lawn at our old house...

...well yesterday I spent the day lifting sods and carefully placing them in a weird sort of puzzle on the bare ground.

I was told by the nice man who delivered to me from Perfect Turf that I should lay the turf round the edges of the garden and work to them - that way I'd get a nice clean edge along the border, rather than a jagged line where I'd cut them in.

I started nice and quickly, I think it was because it was a new and exciting job that I'd never done before. Either that or someone had secreted a strange chemical into the turf, cos either way it seemed fun!

I decided (all by myself!) that I was going to lay the turfs in a brick formation, this seemed effective and gave me straight lines that I could work to. I hadn't bothered to set out wires or string, mainly because I couldn't be bothered - but mainly because I didn't have any wire or string to set out.

Now then, I was a little stuck for something to cut the turf with, but I found in a kitchen draw a table knife, so with this in hand I set out to trim that turf!

I had a break to go pick Kane up from school, then I went straight back to the matter in hand.

After finishing the job at last, I plugged the hose in and gave the whole lot a lovely long drink, to give it a good start in life.

Job done!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

I think it looks great! Fantastic job!!!


alcoholinky said...

wow- what a load of hard work Stiggy. what's that beautiful red plant in the corner of the third pic down?

Stiggy said...

Thank you very much Debbie! I like learning new things!

Cheers Carol - it certainly was - I've still got some smaller areas to turf, but at least the main bit is done now!


Anonymous said...

Wow-ee that looks grand! Not an easy thing to do either so well done :)

Don said...

you are now an official member of the sodbusters of the world club, whose motto is "green side up!" You can tell from the motto that there is a large amount of thinking that goes on in this secret club. I have been a proud card-carrying member since 1976, but don't know where my card is, in fact, I never got mine.

Your place looks really nice!

Stiggy said...

Thanks Karen! You're too kind! and you're right - it's a sod of a job! ;)

Thanks Don - maybe we could design a 'Sodbuster' club card between us?

Then we could promote the well being of lawns all over the world!

Lottie said...

Brilliant - about time we had an update on your lawn don't your think? Have you mowed it yet LOL