Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My new camera.

I've always wanted an SLR camera, and I was unable to have one until recently.

I bought a Nikon D40 Digital SLR camera, which I'd read a lot of reviews for, and thought it would be nice to be able to take proper pictures, instead of using our little family Digital Camera (which has done us very nicely so far thank you!).

I was so excited, I part charged the battery and went outside to try and do something similar to the ones I had seen on my friend Don's blog, done by his very competent photographer wife Ruth (who also has a blog with spectacular images on.

Now ok - I had it on AUTO and I wasn't about to change that for now - but WOW!!!

What a fantastic thing!

It's not often I get wow'ed by stuff (ok ok! every time i go into an Electronics shop, farm equipment shop, gadget shop, tool shop etc etc) but this was just BRILLIANT!!

I have been really impressed when someone takes a photo of, say, a flower with it all blurred in the background - so I attempted to take my first EVER D-SLR picture - and here it is - it's a little Dandelion clock just outside our back door!

I've been taking quite a few picture of the new place with it, and found a yellow flowery weed growing on a patch of the uncut grass.

After walking to look at it, I noticed there was a bee flying from one flower to the next - so quickly I took the camera lens off and took a few photos of it as it fluttered around.

Here is My first attempt at a wildlife photo!

I am really pleased with these photo's and one day I hope to be able to take it off of AUTO - or the preset settings!!



Ruth said...

SEEEEEEEEEE?? It's not me, it's the camera!! Err, I mean, you took fantastic shots! They are gorgeous. I love the soft lens of the Nikon D40, wow.

Trust me, Stiggy, I have had mine on auto more often than not, and I am myself just venturing out into other-than-focus-land. I am a photographic idjut, everything to learn. So we can learn together!

Thank you for the adulation, that is so kind. But now you might see that the camera is a BIG part of what you like about my photos.


Ruth said...

I mean to type other-than-auto-land - jeez, I should have auto-type!

Stiggy said...

Nooooo - I don't believe you! ;)

Well you're STILL an inspiration Ruth...

...so THERE!


Don said...

Nice photos! Now you'll find yourself just sitting with your flock waiting for them to do something cute. Your shed does look very nice. I like your cladding, it blends right in with the original.

Stiggy said...

Thanks Don!

Shame the cladding doesnt line up though - for some strange reason i started on the very left, then changed to the most right - i have to reboard the lot on the far left again - it looks silly!


Berthddu Suit said...

Beautiful photos Stiggy, even if you don't know what you are doing yet!!

alcoholinky said...

excellent photos Stiggy. I've been thinking about trading my little digital in for something else too. I can certainly see the difference with yours. lucky you!!!

Stiggy said...

Cheers ladies - you really are too kind - If you think I only really use it on the presettings - it's just an amazing thing - one of those things you ever wondered how you did without!


Anonymous said...

Well I am very impressed! You will soon be hooked if you are not already ha!
Keep clicking Stiggy :)

Stiggy said...

Cheers LGS!

Although I still have a lot of learning and experimenting to go before I get to the lofty levels of you and Ruth!