Sunday, 31 March 2013

Inspirational Easter!

Since I was outside and it's easter - I thought I'd carve something with my chainsaw in a Eucalyptus log....

....I found it very relaxing and the hour I spent carving went in a second! My son Kane thinks it's amazing! ( What a fantastic kid!!! )   ;)

I need to make some slight adjustments and clean it up, but what do you think of my first effort?



Kane– Ancient Tiki God of Light and Life
In Hawaiian mythology, Kane Milohai is the father of the tiki gods Ka-moho-ali'i, Pele (whom he exiled to Hawaii), Kapo, Namaka and Hi'iaka by Haumea. He created the sky, earth and upper heaven and gave Kumu-Honua the garden. He owned a tiny seashell that, when placed on the ocean's waves, turned into a huge sailboat. The user of the boat had merely to state his destination and the boat took him there. In agricultural and planting traditions, Kane was identified with the sun.
     In many chants and legends of Ancient Hawaii, Kane is paired with the god Kanaloa, and is considered one of the four great Hawaiian divinities along with Kanaloa, Ku, and Lono.

Fallen tree surprise

A few weeks back we had two Eucalyptus trees fall in the wind - it didn't help them that they were undermined by rabbits.

Out of all the plants and trees in our garden my favourite were these. I loved the fact the bark just peeled off them to reveal the wonderful coloured trunk underneath, the reds, yellows and greys are amazing. Not least because they seemed to spiral around the trunk and catch the light on a summer's day.

I looked at getting someone in to clear them, I looked at prices of chainsaws and decided to get a cheap one and see if I could do it myself.

I spent £100 on a 37cc Spear & Jackson chainsaw with a 16" bar. See below. 

It's a great little machine, although it has plenty of low ratings on the website, one that should not be underestimated in the world of power tools.

Now, I have no experience of using a chainsaw - indeed, I've always declined when given the chance to try one out, but I thought this would be the perfect chance to have a go. My experience in the past with various woodworking machines and trimmers is quite relevant with this tool, so I wasn't too worried with the actual use and safety of it. I have the proper headgear with ear and face protection, a thick work coat and decent gloves. I will invest in a pair of proper chainsaw trousers as soon as I can. 

On with the trial!

I managed to chop most of the main part of the first tree, but had to leave the top and bottom section for when it got lighter.

...and a little later...

...and we have some logs!

Overall, a great little chainsaw with plenty of power to get the job done and a successful trial for me.

....more to come!